Zul Ganzorig

Chief Operations Officer, XacBank

Ms Zul Ganzorig was appointed as Chief Operations Officer in January 2020. Previously, Zul worked as a Chief Human Resource Officer at XacBank and TenGer Financial Group. Her areas of responsibility include compensation, benefits, training and development, employee relations and career services, payroll, records, recruitment and staffing, performance management, leadership development, organizational culture and organizational structure at the bank.

She has been working at XacBank since 1999. First hired by ACDI/VOCA at MicroStart Mongolia UNDP project, a predecessor of XacBank. During the merger of the two biggest NBFIs, she has successfully lead the integration of the HR programs and policies when transforming into a commercial Bank. The process involved a structural change in the organization from a product oriented one into a relationship focused business.

She also headed the Operations Division overseeing the back office functions in 2003. Prior to that, she worked as an international relations officer at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare during the implementation phase of the UNDP Youth Development project in 1998. She occasionally provides international consultancy in HRM to MFIs in the region, which has developed and delivered numerous international MFI visitor programs to XacBank.

She graduated from Sofia University with Bachelor of Mathematics and Informatics. She serves on the Board of Directors of Banking and Finance Academy, established by Mongolian Bank Association and Mongolian Pension Fund LLC.